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As we kick off our specialty DeckFailure.com website, we are being very selective about the advertisers that we are allowing to place ads. We have a very target specific site visitor market and we feel that each of our advertisers will receive great benefit from the visitors that our website is attracting. We are initially renting each ad space for a monthly fee, but we will convert to standard web Cost Per Click (CPC) rates as we gain more exposure and establish a track record. We understand that advertising on this new site will be a gamble for you at first, but you can already see the great content that has been compiled and presented, and it is only going to get better.

SITE PURPOSE - Our deck failure specialty site is geared towards showing the horror of building decks wrong, with the goal that our visitors will want to have their decks built right. This will help save lives, help prevent collapses, and prevent the life changing catastrophic deck failures that are happening all across the country.
SITE VISITORS - Our first visitors have been home inspectors as we continue to target much of our exposure through online newsletters.

VICTIMS - Our saddest contacts come from the victims of deck failures. We want the survivors to feel as though the DeckFailure.com website is a safe venue for them to share their experiences. It is their experiences that prompted the idea for this website and they will gladly spread the good news regarding product solutions that will prevent deck failures. The survivors repeatedly express their desire to do whatever they can to help prevent others from having to go through what they experienced.

HOME INSPECTORS - PRIMARY - Home inspectors are the primary targeted visitors on our website. We feel that they are the life blood of this site and they will return again and again for the updated information. They will also share the site with all of their business contacts.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS - SECONDARY - Our logical secondary visitors will be real estate agents. They are highly interested in both good and bad information regarding home construction. They also disseminate news to their clientele.

BUILDERS - SECONDARY - Builders are going to be led to our site by the victims, home owners, independent inspectors and real estate agents. They are going to be told about products that they need to use to make the decks they build and rehab safer.

CITY BUILDING OFFICIALS - SECONDARY - City building officials will also be led to our site by the builders using the products that will be spotlighted on our site. Whether it is a new ledger connecting bracket, flashing system, or installation spec, we feel that the DeckFailure.com name is so memorable that even the most overworked city building officials will not be able to forget, and they will return often.

LAWYERS - SECONDARY - Ever since our first deck failure article published on www.TheHomeInspector.com in 1997, we have received regular contacts from the legal community around the nation as they do research on the web. They will now have one great resource for the deck industry to bookmark.

GENERAL PUBLIC - SECONDARY - Other than word of mouth and search engine submissions, we have not developed a strategy to market our site to the rest of the world. For this reason we will not be accepting ads from general public-related firms.


We are not satisfied with just advertising our site through traditional search engines only, but we are focusing on the specialty inspection marketplace to get a very high percentage of target specific visitors. Instead of hoping that people find us on search engines, we will push the content to our visitors in an online push campaign that revolves around both home inspectors and Realtors.

DOMAIN NAME - We feel that the domain name www.DeckFailure.com is so memorable that all those who come in contact with it will easily remember the domain name when they think about deck failures in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: Our site creator, Michael Leavitt, produces the Monday Morning Messenger, Agent's Shield of Protection, MLC Newsletters.com, and DeckFailure.com

HOME INSPECTORS/HAIR STYLISTS - Home inspectors are the hair stylists of the construction world. When word needs to be spread about a recall or product failure through the building industry, the perfect people to spread the word are the independent home inspectors. By exposing home inspectors first, they will share the website with all of their home buying clients, real estate agents, builders, handymen, and city building officials.

MONDAY MORNING MESSENGER - DeckFailure.com will provide regular contributions to the online 11 years and counting Monday Morning Messenger home inspection newsletter. The paid subscribership belong to all of the major home inspector trade associations and readers are encouraged to share the articles with other industry professionals and clients.
AGENT'S SHIELD OF PROTECTION - Ongoing deck failure details will also be shared with real estate agents directly via the monthly online newsletter the "Agent's Shield of Protection".
MLC NEWSLETTERS - Stories from DeckFailure.com will be used in the specialty newsletters produced by MLC Newsletters for home inspectors to share with agents and all past clients in their local inspection areas. News from MLC Newsletters is currently being spread through the northwest US.
INSPECTING YOUR HOME - DeckFailure.com stories will also be spotlighted in the regular online newsletter, "Inspecting Your Home" that is free to homeowners and all of our past inspection clients.
WHITE PAPERS - We have produced the first White Paper that spotlights Jennifer Tallmadge, a recent deck collapse survivor's experience. This informational White Paper has been spreading across the nation via downloads from our site. We will spotlight future stories with the intent of spreading the news about our site to lessen the amount of deck failure casualties across our nation.

SITE ADVERTISERS - We will accept ads from firms with specific products and services related to decks that will help inspectors and builders. This includes:

  • SPECIALTY DECK PRODUCTS - Deck fasteners, railing systems, and other deck safety related products
  • DECK INSPECTION - Inspection protocols, codes, manuals, guide books, deck publications, and deck inspection specific software
  • INSPECTION TOOLS - Thermal imaging, moisture intrusion, and rot related tools and testing equipment.
  • LEGAL - We may allow a small number of legal related ads.
  • DECK BUILDERS - We add a deck builders product area as our exposure increases.
  • OTHERS - If you feel that your product or service would benefit our highly targeted site visitors, then contact us with your idea.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we feel is inappropriate.

SPECIALTY ARTICLES - We welcome the submission of deck related specialty articles from our advertisers that showcase deck related products, inspection guidelines, and services.
  • SEMI-ANNUAL - Purchase 6 months and get the 7th month FREE.
  • ANNUAL - Purchase 12 months for the price of 10.

These rates are in effect only until we create our site traffic record and convert over to traditional web CPC price per click advertising rates. All existing flat rate contracts will be honored when the CPC conversion is made.

1 Slide
2 Slides
3 Slides
All 4 Slides
$70 Per Month
$140 Per Month
$210 Per Month
$210 Per Month
Q - $210 Q - $420 Q - $630 Q - $630
S - $420 S - $840 S - $1,260 S - $1,260
A - $700 A - $1,400 A - $2,100 A - $2,100

Q-Quarterly * S-Semi-Annual * A-Annual


This is a flash banner add that has 4 slides that have 5 second exposures. You may purchase 1, 2, 3, or all four slides. This upper banner is located at the top of the content section on each page of our site. NOTE: Each slide has its own clickable link.


120x90 px

$45 Per Month
Q - $135
S - $270
A - $450
Clickable Link

120x120 px

$50 Per Month
Q - $150
S - $300
A - $500


120x150 px

$75 Per Month
Q - $225
S - $450
A - $750

120x240 px

$100 Per Month
Q - $300
S - $600
A - $1,000
Q-Quarterly * S-Semi-Annual * A-Annual

This is a flash banner add that has 4 slides that have 5 second exposures. You may purchase 1, 2, 3, or all four slides. This lower banner is located at the base of the content section on each page of our site. NOTE: Each slide has its own clickable link.

1 Slide
2 Slides
3 Slides
All 4 Slides
$50 Per Month
$100 Per Month
$150 Per Month
$150 Per Month
Q - $150 Q - $300 Q - $450 Q - $450
S - $300 S - $600 S - $750 S - $750
A - $500 A - $1,000 A - $1,500 A - $1,500

SETUP FEES - If you provide the ad ready-made, then the set-up fee is waived. If we have to create your ad, then fair market fees will be assessed.

CHANGING AD IMAGES - We agree to change your ad image once each month for the duration of your contract. Any additional changes during a month period will be assessed a $25 fee.

FILE TYPE - Please provide your ad in the GIF 128 format. If you only have it in jpg, tiff, png, or bmp, then we will need to convert it for you and fair market fees will be assessed.

IMAGE SIZE - Set up your image to the dimensions shown above.

BANNER SIZES - We use the standard 468x60 pixel banner size. Forward on your banners in the GIF 128 format and then we will convert it to the Flash SWF format.

BANNER ROTATION - The banners always start with image number 1 and cycle through number 4 and then start over again. When a visitor clicks a new page it starts all over again. This means that 15 to 20 seconds pass before ad number 4 is viewed on a banner.

BANNER LINKS - Each of the four images has its own unique clickable link.

CLICKABLE LINKS - Each ad has its own clickable link. This link leads to a specialty page on our website. For the normal advertising fee we will create a redirect script that leads clients automatically from our site to a webpage of your choice. Or, for $100 per month, we can set up a specialty page on our website spotlighting your product or service.

PARTNER PROGRAM - For advertisers with specialty products such as books, specialty training, services, or inspection equipment, we would love to enter into a partnership program where we benefit from each sale derived our site visitor's purchases. This partnership gives us the incentive to help you make the sale and we would set up a specialty page on our site spotlighting your product. Depending upon the type of product or service and the type of commission being shared, we would adjust or waive the normal advertising fees, as appropriate.

To place an order please visit our secure online order form. We accept either checks or the 4 major credit cards.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we feel is inappropriate.
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